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Unusual and cozy campsite in Bulgaria. Organized in a traditional village, all traditional built – with stone, wood and clay. It’s perfect for 2 people or family to run.


The site is in the footsteps of the Eastern Rhodope mountains – 400m.a.s.l. hill from south, small lake and vineyards from the other side. It is situated nearby border areas with Greece and Turkey, right between checkpoint Kapitan Andreevo and city Haskovo, but not on the very main road. It is 30 km away from the main city Haskovo (head of the district), 30 km from Harmanli (border area), 30 km from Madzharovo (top bird watching spot) .


  • Plovdiv Airport – 90 km
  • Kardzhali – 52 km
  • Aegean Sea – 150 km

Type of tourists:

It accommodates both transit tourists – hikers, cyclists and motobikers, but also tourists for summer holidays. Very suitable for children summer camps – this is the main activity of the owners so far.


The main property is 670 sq.m. – it consists of a main house (two floors, 90 m2 per floor), summer house (36 m2), garden/animals shed (44 m2) and a yard (500 m2).

Two entrance gates – for people and cars. The garage sector has a shelter. WiFi and cable TV onsite.

Two sanitary outdoor rooms (stone built), private well and good infrastructure over the entire site.

The main house is not for guests (180 m2, 4 rooms on each floor), it is traditional built, but needs a renovation to become a guest house. Only owners stayed in so far. The house was built in 1970. Stone, brick, asphalt road, all communications.

All other facilities are for guests’ use in the main property. Main property shelters 4 tents at most. Plus one campervan in the garage sector.

The main camping ground is a neighbouring land – a 1330 m2 square, rented by the owners for 10 years (up to 2030). This is the main site where the guests put their tents and camper vans. A small street is in between. The potential buyer has the choice to work with both properties or to focus on the main property only.


Eastern Rhodope Mountains are great for nature and adventure tourism of all types. Bulgaria is considered one of the European strongholds of nature. Owners organize multiple outdoor holidays like walking tours, mountain biking, lake and river kayaking, cultural trips, nature tours, birds and reptiles watching, botany and herb tours, etc.

Beautiful nature and rich history, traditional cuisine and organic farming – these are main advantages.


So far the campsite was working only in summer time and mainly for kids camps. Individual tourists and families stayed mostly self-catering, since the owners have another guest site to run and they don’t have the possibility to run both. Seasonal turnover of the campsite was good, but surely, if one stays permanently onsite, there will be more income. The site needs someone to live in, to do the marketing and to welcome the visitors.

Why for sale:

The owners run a guest house at a large lake in another area. The campsite in Tankovo was planned to be only a base for kids camps, but at some point, it became that more and more individuals and campers want to stay in. More and more maintanance and investment are needed and the owners can’t take enough time for both sites. So they decided to sell the site in Tankovo to someone who would be happy to have a village life and meet people from all over the world.


The sale price goes together with the basic furniture of the main house and summer house. The owners will take all personal stuff, tools, utensils, and outdoor equipment.


Tankovo is a village in Haskovo area. The village has some 200 permanent residents. 3 families from the UK live permanently in the village. There is a shop, a library and a church. The village is famous for its vineyard production, but also with many private and public wells – there is enough water for everyone. All amenities are available – electricity, water and central sewage system.


The price announced is 43 500 EUR – it is a subject to duscussion and could be reduced if you’re seriously interested and our visions and attitude match. This price is also including a Website, Facebook page, location on Google maps, listings on airbnb and park4night.

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