Outdoor activities

The Sun Farm Camp is set in the beautiful Eastern Rhodopes mountains and offers a number of fantastic outdoor activities like mountain biking, hiking, fishing, kayaking and donkey riding.

If you join one of our bike and hike tours around the farm, you will be rewarded with great scenery and rich nature. The routes are from 5 to 15 km for the day hikes and from 30 to 60 km for the mountain biking routes. Small simple maps are available at the farm where the trails are nicely described. Rental bikes are available for the additional fee of 10 euro per day, and hiring a mountain guide is 50 euro per day.

There is a wide variety of hiking opportunities at the Sun Farm Camp. Being a fan of the easy, family friendly hike or being more into the outstanding views from a summit hike, we always have the best hike proposal for you. Our hiking holidays in the farm offer you peaceful stay and lovely nature sites.

Carp fishing is possible at the local lake of Tankovo (800 m from the farm). Chub and Barbel are possible to catch at river Arda (some 30 km away from the Sun Farm Camp). You can bring your own produce and make a barbecue.

Kayaking on river Arda or on the lake Studen kladenets is an unforgettable experience and we will be happy to take you there. Our kayaking boats are “sit-on-top” and are also suitable to families with kids and beginners. One day kayaking tour is 25 euro per adult and 15 euro per kid.



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