Welcome to the Sun Farm Camp

Sun Farm Camp is a nature friendly camp site with a rabbit farm which is located in the village of Tankovo, Eastern Rhodopes,

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South Bulgaria (we are here – Google map). Families with kids and pets, as well as all nature lovers and backpackers are very much welcome.

The village of Tankovo is located at the footsteps of the Eastern Rhodopes mountains in Bulgaria – 30 km from the city of Haskovo, 30 km from the city of Harmanli and 280 km from the capital Sofia (250 km on a high way).

The Sun Farm Camp is an outdoor site well equipped for kids summer camps and farming vacations : two summer shelters are provided, fully equipped kitchenette, fireplace, mobile barbeque, outdoor playground for kids, toilet and bathroom facilities.

Guests enjoy the spacious yard for camping with tents and caravans, summer pavilion, plenty of farming and game activities for kids and families.

Facilities: camp site, summer shelter, fully equipped kitchenette, self cooking, cooked meals available on request, barbecue, yard and green spaces for relax, outdoor games and activities, bathroom, hot water, toilet, outdoor taps.

Attractions and activities: rabbit farm, animal attractions, farm-to-table food, fresh vegetables and fruits, authentic clothing, folklore performances, mountain hiking, bird watching, wild herbs collecting, fishing, reading books in the shadow of a tree, outdoor games, etc.

A small fish lake is located nearby the farm (800 m). There are two shops in the village where you can buy basic food and beverage. Available to buy in the village – rabbit meat (directly from our farm), lamb meat, chicken meat, eggs, cheese, butter, yogurt, milk, honey, sesame tahini, herbs, berries, grapes and wine – all home produced from our local farmers. Just ask us.

WiFi is available and free of charge. Parking lot is safe and on the street.

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