Rabbit farm

Our rabbit farm consist of a barn with 100 female and 5 male rabbits. Everyone of them has its own private home with grate floor. The barn is equipped with a draining system.

All our animals are fed with barley, wheat, maize and lucerne only. The rabbit meat is on top of the meat scale for dietetic and healthy lifestyle. It has the highest amount of protein which is digested by the human body at 90%. And it has the least amount of fat among all other meat. It is one of the cleanest meats, with a low cholesterol level and very suitable to consume in the summer. 

In our farm we breed:

Chinchilla rabbits – medium size breed (up to 4,5 kg), white colour with black ears, feet and tail, red eyes.

New Zealand Whites – medium size breed (up to 5,5), all white, red eyes – like albinos.

Flemish Giants – big size breed (up to 8,5 kg), brown and grey colour, dark eyes.

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